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Just a low down on the game Of Deadlands that I will be starting.

1.) With a Character Back story and pic(If you can find one). I will be giving the Deadlands Edge Called Veteran O’ the Weird West. You will also get the Requirements with it for free also. Now if you don’t want this Edge I can come up with a different free edge for you. But this a good edge, with only one bad thing to it(Insert Evil Laugh)….But the Edge is as follows.

Veteran O’ the Weird West:
So you want to be a hero, hug? A big tough, experienced hero? No problem. Just Check your Sanity at the door, because those who have already been around the cactus a few times have seen things that would stop most men’s tickers. As a result, they ain’t the same as they use to be.
Veterans o’ the Weird West begin play as seasoned(or one rank higher than the rest of the cowpokes in your Campaign),which means they gain 20 experience points to begin the game with. Go ahead and advance your hero normally, as described in the Savage Worlds rules.
There’s a price, though. If you take this Edge, you most draw a single card form the action deck once your done creating your cowpoke. Show it to your Marshal and he’ll check the table in the Marshall’s Handbook to see just what kind of bad luck your hombre wandered into on his path to studliness. If you draw a Joker, again and tell your Marshall whether you drew a black card or a red card(or another Joker).
Beware-the results can be quite extreme, from maiming to insanity. Your Marshall as the details. You’ve Been warned!

New Hindrances (got these form the Players guide of The Last Sons)

Allergy (Minor or Major)
Your Cowpoke suffers an aversion to a relatively common condition or substance, such as pollen, sawdust, peanuts, horse dander etc. Whenever he’s exposed to the substance(generally getting within 5" of it, but this depends on the allergen) he must make a Vigor roll or suffer a level Fatigue. For the Minor version,your hero makes a vigor roll at -1 and any Fatigue last 1D6 hours. For the Major version, the Vigor roll is made at -2 and if it’s failed the Fatigue lasts for the whole day.

Coup Counter (Minor)
Your brave always tries to count coupe on an enemy before entering combat. If there is an opponent your hero can potentially each in one round(Pace plus running die for the character, a mount or other conveyance) the first action he takes must be to count coup by touching the foe with his coup stick. If you want your character to perform another action (such as attack) instead you must spend a fate chip (any color) to make it happen. Counting coup requires a successful Touch Attack (Fighting +2) with the stick. This “Attack” must do no damage to count for coup.
On the positive side, tribes who follow the coup tradition (primarily those of the Plains) typically afford the coup seeker greater status. When the Marshall rolls for a random NPC Reaction for them (as opposed to a predetermined one), he adds +2 to the roll.

Intolerant (Minor or Major)
With all the fighting that’s been tearing apart the Disputed Territories, you can be sure there are lots of folks who have developed a disliking for those who done them wrong. While racism is the province of the villains in 1880, and most folks are willing to look past a person’s appearance to judge them by their actions, there are some who simply dislike those form another culture and believe their own culture far superior.
Specify the target of your hombre’s intolerance. He can’t help belittling this culture-and members of it-at every opportunity. A Character taking the Minor version has a -2 charisma among members of that culture. The penalty increases to -4 for the Major Hindrance.
In both cases, the character may not use Leadership Edges with members of the specified culture unless he as worked with them at least one week.

Trouble Magnet (Minor or Major)
Things never go smoothly for this hero no matter how hard he tries. At least once per session, the Marshal should have trouble wander across the hero’s path. This might be someone who recognizes him while he’s trying to infiltrate a Confederate fort, some enemy reinforcements joining a battle, or a terrible storm headed straight for his campfire.
The intensity of the trouble depends on whether a character as the Minor or Major version, but is otherwise left to the Marshal’s discretion. Be warned though-having multiple heroes in the posse with this Hindrance does result in multiple troublesome effects.

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