Welcome to Serenity

Welcome to Serenity….
The Posse consisting of the China-man Chang, Chasing Deer a Shaman and Slade Raines a young gunslinger, heading toward the town of Serenity located in the Dakotas. On the way to the town they pass a family who where judging by the crying young lady in the back of the wagon where on their way to bury some one. The Posse just let them pass.
They arrive in the town of Serenity, one of the first things they notice is just how well keep up the buildings are. There is not cracking paint and on any of the buildings and they seem to be much bigger buildings then they are use to seeing in some of the boom towns. Chang puts his mule at the livery and Chang being Change heads over to the Brothel,Saloon, hotel called the Summer Moon. That is owned and run buy two twin sisters Karen and Jess Whateley. They order some whiskey and steaks, and sit down to eat and watch some of the entertainment. They realized that one of the sisters is arguing with a man that they assume is the mayor.
Chang asks what that was all about and Karen tells him that they don’t his kind in here, Chang ask but China-men are ok. They ask him what they mean by that. They tell them that is best discussed behind closed doors, so they take in to the back room.
They tell him that the Mayor is making some sort of deal with a Demon, he came to town with not much to his name and then suddenly he is getting a big lumber contract for back east. And that lots of people in town of been getting windfalls in town, accept for them and the Sheriff Ned Polk.
The group then head to talk to the Sheriff. On the way they pass the fountain that looks like it was carved my Aztecs in the center of town and it just doesn’t seem right, it just seems evil. And from what the Chasing Deer can tell is that there is something magic about it, and that there is about $300 in coins in the fountain. After looking around the fountain They continue to find Ned Polk, a man who has had hard life, a scared up face and blind in one eye, a missing eye, missing hand and a fake leg(just call him lucky). They talk to him and find that he is more the welling to talk about whats going on in the town. He says that it was a good town to be in awhile back until the Mayor dug up that damn fountain, then people started making wishes and they came true, but the bad thing was that they ended up dieing later. And also that there was a bunch of red cloak where people with snake tattoes on their arms making trouble for the homesteads. Tells them that lost a young man the other day, He ending up making it big in cattle, but need said that he was dumb as a box of rocks. Said that he was mauled by some large dogs just like the priest that was killed, says that was how he lost his hand, tried to save the priest when the dogs where attacking him, and one of them took his hand, they asked if that was how he lost his leg to, but he said that he lost that from Bear hunting.
They ask if he had the key to the church that had been abandoned sense the priest died, he said that he did and that we would walk them up that and show them where the priest died, it turns out that he almost made it to the church, they had killed him right at the end of the steps. They proceed into the church to look around and find that its been unused for awhile. Chang goes to the office of the teacher and finds nothing. Slade goes to the priest office and finds a treasure of notes. Finds a mention of someone called Serena and that he is trying to stop the people from making wishes. And that he was getting close to finding out how to stop the Mayor. And that the mayor new what he was up to.
Afterwords they head back to where the town hall is, Chasing Deer turns into an eagle and flys around the building looking into the windows and seeing that know one is in the building. So with it being all clear they break in and search the place. Chang finds a ledger with just how much money the Mayor is making and how much money he is getting from the other shops around Serenity that his all be The Summer Moon. Slade heads to the basement and find a skull with what looks like a bullet hole in the base and a ledger of names of the people who had dies sense the fountain was uncovered.
They head back to talk to the sheriff one more time to find out where the Mayor’s home is, because they at this point have decided that he just needs killing. He tells them that he would either be home or his hunting lodge, but that he had seen him heading home. He also tells them that most of the people make their wishes at midnight. Slade asks the Sheriff if he would be upset if he did a lude act in town, Ned told him that if it saved the town he wouldn’t care. SO the posse decides to wait for midnight, yep at the Brothel.
At midnight the come down stairs and Slade sees a small child flick a coin towards the fountain, Slade pulls out his hotleg and shots the coin out of the air, the kid screams bloody murder and runs away. Slade then starts to Piss in the fountain, and a few seconds later they here a Female voice saying “Thats a new way to summon me.”
Chasing Deer used her magic and saw that she was in fact a demon, Chasing Deer asked if her name was Serena, and she says that it is one of the names that she as gone by. She tells Slade to make his wish sense he is the one that summoned her. He is all that keen in doing just that, but he asks her if her answering questions counts as a wish, she said that it doesn’t. She was forthcoming about what she did, saying that she just loves the greed of humans, but she wasn’t to keen on the Mayor and wanted him to make is last wish so that she could drag his soul to hell. And that she hated being bound to the Well, and she blames the Aztecs for that. After talking to her, Slade asks if she could cure him of his Illness, and she said that she could. He asked her for it and Slade lost a little bit of his sole that night, after the wish was made she vanished.
In the morning the group went to the Smith and Robards office in town. They had come up with the Idea of Blowing up the Fountain. They talked to Reginald Black and asked him how much TnT it would take to blow up the Fountain. After some convinceing he looked at the fountain and said 8 sticks should do it, but the Crazy China-man said 16 would do better and Slade said a case would really take care of it. So they bought a case of TnT. Slade told Ned that he might want to clear out the area for the blast was going to be pretty darn big. Slade wire the fountain with the TnT and Chang watched the door of the Town Hall where the Mayor was.
They then Blew that fountain all to hell, coins and stone sharpnel rained down, They heard a Male Voice Shot “NOOOOOOO” and turned to see the Mayor, he didn’t to pleased with what they did, and Chang leapt into action using his Chi magic and some of the debris and attacked the Mayor, the Mayor returned the favor with some of his Huckster magic. Chasing Deer not being one to be left out of the Fray shot him with an Arrow. The fight ended with Slade shooting the Mayor right between the eyes, spraying the front of town hall with brain matter.
On the Wind they Heard “Thank You.” form Serena.
After the smoked cleared, they went back to the Silver Moon to talk about what to do next, the Sheriff had taken up a collection form the people that had been the area at the time equaling up to $150.00, They knew that the townsfolk that leaved out side of the town where still having problem with the strange red cloak wearing snake cult, they decided that they would go out the folks out side of town in the morning to see if they could help…The Posse was turning out to be the Heroes of Serenity.


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